To My “Biggest Fan”

Haleakala Crater, 1973

Haleakala Crater, 1973

My Mom calls herself “BabyShrink’s Biggest Fan”. This is a picture of us at the top of Haleakala Crater on Maui in 1973.  This is the first time in a long time that I’m not able to spend Mother’s Day with her, but for a good reason: She’s on the mainland, helping my brother (a twin) and his wife with their newborn twins.

Shrink jokes aside, I love my mother. She’s had some tough times in life, but she’s always shown us how to keep going, no matter how difficult things get.

She’s also our model for being a “Good Enough Mother”. I kid you not: When we were teenagers, she and her friends used to make satin bowling jackets for themselves with “BAD MOTHERS’ CLUB” embroidered on the back. The “BMC” literally had badges made up for when a kid got kicked out of school, got into a fight, or whatever else we tormented our parents with back then. The badges then got added to the jacket with pride. (And this was BEFORE the days of Stefanie Wilder-Taylor or Vicki Iovine.)

So whenever we criticized her, growing up, she would nod her head and say, “Yup, that’s why I’m in the Bad Mothers’ Club.” We would groan and roll our eyes.

Until WE had kids. Now we want our BMC jackets. Have we earned them yet, Mom?

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!

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5 comments on “To My “Biggest Fan”
  1. Ilima99 says:

    How can I get a BMC jacket?!?

  2. mamabigdog says:

    Your mom rocks. I want a jacket too!

  3. BabyShrink says:

    ILIMA and MBD:

    Hah! She’s actually a professional costume designer (and “recovering social worker”, as she likes to say). Maybe we can get up some momentum and convince her to start making the BMC jackets again. What say you, Ma?

  4. BabyShrink's biggest fan says:

    I am honored beyond any expectation to read this great article. Many thanks from a charter member of the BMC.
    We got our jackets from the local sports supplier that works with teams. The kind of shop that sells t-shirts and caps and has an embroidery service. We bought black satin jackets and had BMC in large hot pink letters embroidered on the back with Maui Chapter underneath. On the front we had our names on the left side, in script. Very retro, 1950’s style.
    Any woman who saw the jackets and asked about them, wanted to join. No rules necessary, we know who we are. Any one who wants to join is already a member in good standing.
    Thank you for the loving memory. I shall treasure this forever.
    Love, Mom

  5. BabyShrink says:


    Awwww, Mom! Thanks.

    And, you figured out how to make a comment! (Look out, everyone!)

    Love you!

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