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I’ve been buying diapers since 2001

I’m a licensed psychologist with a PsyD degree. My specialty is in the development of babies, toddlers, preschoolers — and parents. My husband and I have four young children. I’m interested in using social media to help the public understand the complex — but important — world of child development. Live television and video are my favorite ways to connect with parents. I’m the sole writer and producer here at BabyShrink. My company, BabyShrink LLC, also consults with universities and corporations to reach families with young children via social and traditional media.


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My recent projects include:

Learning Care Group — I’m the “Resident Expert” on family and child development for a company serving 100,000 young children through over 1,000 schools. I’m also a regular contributor to their “Learning Together” blog. I provide subject matter expertise, content curation and creation, participate in Thought Leadership strategy sessions, and appear as an on-camera expert  for LCG videos (posted here on the BabyShrink home page).

Parents.com — A member of the Experts Advisory Panel, regularly answering reader questions.

I answer parenting questions on the live morning television news, here at KITV4, our local ABC news affiliate.

I’m an official Pull-Ups spokesperson, answering potty training questions on the Pull-Ups/Huggies pages online, and providing content creation.

Nick Jr.’s ParentsConnect.com — Brain Builders Boot Camp — I wrote daily parenting tips for the month of April, 2011 in a program sponsored by Learning Care Group.

I’m active in Division 42 of the American Psychological Association, and will be speaking to several hundred colleagues in October 2012 about the effective, ethical use of social media by psychologists.

Here in Hawaii, my husband and I co-own a healthcare management company. I provide scientific and technical writing, proposal development, management, and social media expertise.

This site was “born” out of the need for information on how to be a Good-Enough Parent. Much of the popular parenting media today gives us strong messages about the “right” and “wrong” of parenting decisions, without taking into account our own unique kids, and our own parenting styles. Indeed, much of the parenting advice available today doesn’t take into consideration what we know about infant and child development, and makes contradictory statements about what the “research” supposedly reveals. It’s no wonder that parents feel confused and worried that they’re making the wrong decisions! I’m a psychologist, and I struggle with being a confident parent. But I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I love to help make things easier for other parents like you. No “sanctimommy” judgments here — I promise.

I occasionally answer readers’ questions at BabyShrink. But please know that I only offer support and educational information. BabyShrink is not meant as an alternative to your own healthcare provider, and I do not provide psychological evaluations, treatment or advice at BabyShrink. I also cannot answer questions immediately. Contact emergency services if you have an urgent health or psychological need. Please consult your healthcare provider for specific advice about the healthcare needs of your family.


For expert quotes and information, social media inquiries, parent coaching, or other media requests, please email me here: BabyShrink@gmail.com


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