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Child Development: Update On The Whole Vaccine/Autism Thing

Just a quickie to point you to an update about the “doctor” who started all the craziness about the SUPPOSED link between the MMR vaccine and autism. (My friend Esther runs the site — a smart cookie and a doctor

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New Info on the Autism/Vaccine Issue

In an interesting development in the ongoing saga of the alleged link between vaccines and autism, the medical journal The Lancet is retracting the original study that proposed the idea that the MMR vaccine could cause the disorder. If you’ve

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Developmental Issues: Is Your Young Baby Showing Signs of Autism?

Hi Dr. Heather, I came across your website when doing a search for signs of autism in infants. Our 3-month-old doesn’t look at us very much, doesn’t track objects across the midline well, and doesn’t often respond to our voice.

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Developmental Issues: Did Swine Flu Cause Autism In My Son?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about illness, the flu, vaccines, medications, and autism. This poor Mom is terrified that her son may have contracted Autism from a bout of Swine Flu. Here’s her email to me: Dear Dr.

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Deveopmental Issues: The Amygdala, Babies, and Autism

Following up on yesterday’s post is an interesting new finding from the University of North Carolina, where researchers are confirming more evidence for an actual structural brain difference in babies with Autism. Please excuse the “science geek” in me, but

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