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Video: Dr. Heather Discusses How To Deal With Child Tantrums And Toddler Lies

Do your kiddos tell “little white lies”? Mine do. Find out how to handle this common problem, plus how to avoid toddler meltdowns. Thanks again, Jill Kuramoto, for having me on the show! Aloha, Dr. Heather The BabyShrink Mom of

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Video: Discipline, Kindergarten Readiness – Dr. Heather on KITV

Thanks again to Jill, Mahealani, Moani and Yasmin for having me on again this morning. I took viewer questions live on discipline, kindergarten readiness and more! Aloha, Dr. Heather The BabyShrink Mom of Four, Parenting Expert

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Dr. Heather’s First Live TV Appearance

Despite awakening at 4 am with bloodshot eyes from an allergy attack (perfect for HDTV, right?) — I was psyched to head down to KITV yesterday morning to talk story with the gang about parenting. So mahalo to Jill Kuramoto

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Is It Bullying Or Not?

As a psychologist and Parent Coach, I’ve noticed that we’re constantly bombarded with negative messages about our children. It seems that every new headline gives us another reason to worry about our kids. But often, our kids are doing great

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Toddler Behavior: How To Handle Sibling Rivalry

I love it when parents say, “Our toddler is SO happy that she has a little baby brother. She seems to have accepted him totally!” Just wait. Sibling rivalry usually doesn’t become a problem until your toddler has to contend

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