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Television & Technology: Pros and Cons of High Tech Toys for Young Children

Are high-tech toys good — or bad — for young children? I was recently contacted by Aaron Crowe, who’s doing a story for the AOL personal finance site WalletPop on the use of high-tech toys with young children. He had

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Television & Technology: Am I A Horrible Parent If My Baby Watches TV?

My friend Ilima is a highly educated, successful career Mom who reads just about everything, in her capacity as a newspaper reporter. So of course she has come across the American Academy of Pediatrics’ warning about television: No “Screen Time”

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I suppose it had to happen. Sooner or later, our discussions would ruffle some feathers. It seems that the folks over at Stonyfield Farms were a little perturbed about the whole TV-watching issue. The general consensus over here was that

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Television & Technology: Shhh… I Let My Kids Watch TV!

Hi Dr. Heather! I got your link from Dad Gone Mad, and love your site! I think it’s wonderful to have someone sort of “official”; to converse with, as opposed to other moms who are, like me, just guessing at

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