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Dr. Heather’s First Live TV Appearance

Despite awakening at 4 am with bloodshot eyes from an allergy attack (perfect for HDTV, right?) — I was psyched to head down to KITV yesterday morning to talk story with the gang about parenting. So mahalo to Jill Kuramoto

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Toddler Behavior: Reasons Your Toddler Doesn’t Eat Much

I’ve just had a rare parenting experience; making a meal that my toddler ate — and enjoyed. Pediatricians tell us that toddlers need fewer calories, so not to worry. But there’s another more developmental reason that toddlers often don’t eat.

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Toddler Behavior: Why Does My Baby Behave Better With The Babysitter Than With The Parents?

It’s always a shock — finding out your oppositional little tyke is a perfect darling for the sitter (or grandma). When I found out my usually picky eater ate like a champ at a neighbor’s house, I felt embarrassed that

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Child Development: Food Allergies, Your Child’s Behavior, and YOUR Guilt

I’ve been away on vacation for a bit, and we were able to visit lots of family and friends. I was struck by how many have kids with food allergies and sensitivities — more and more of us are discovering

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Child Development: Does Your Child Have Food Allergies?

Having a child with food allergies is tough — first, there are the obvious safety issues involved. You don’t want your child to accidentally — or intentionally — eat something that may make him sick, or even kill him. Then

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