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Sleep & Nap Issues: I Need Help Transitioning My Toddler From A Bed To A Crib

At first, Attachment Parenting sounds really good. Responding to the baby’s needs, keeping her close for skin-to-skin contact, letting her learn independence at HER pace. I get it. I live on Maui, people — this is Attachment Parenting Central. Or

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“Crying It Out”: Acceptable — or Abuse?

One of the most primitive, innate reactions any mom has is to comfort her crying child. But as we’ve talked about here before, many babies can tolerate — and thrive — with some crying, when their parents thoughtfully decide why

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Parenting Tips: How To Leave Your Baby For The First Time

I get a weird, quivery feeling in my stomach when I think back to the time, 8 years ago, when I first left our first child in the care of a sitter. That sitter, Keri, has gone on to become

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Attachment Parenting: Broadening the AP Debate into Vaccinations

We’ve had a lot of action around here regarding Attachment Parenting. The issue doesn’t end at sleep training, babywearing, or extended nursing. It also is smack dab in the middle of one of the most contentious issues in parenting today…the

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Attachment Parenting: More Discussion On Its Pros And Cons

There’s an interesting discussion that’s taking place on several sites simultaneously, and rather than responding to comments down below one of my more recent Attachment Parenting posts, I thought I’d highlight the discussion here, since lots of us are interested.

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