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Sleep & Nap Issues: I Need Help Transitioning My Toddler From A Bed To A Crib

At first, Attachment Parenting sounds really good. Responding to the baby’s needs, keeping her close for skin-to-skin contact, letting her learn independence at HER pace. I get it. I live on Maui, people — this is Attachment Parenting Central. Or

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Video: Giving Birth & The Human Birth Process

The most obvious of miracles are the ones right in front of us. Having a baby — producing a person–  is a mind-blowing process. Just think of how many things in the delicate, microscopic machinery of the human body must

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Video: Discipline, Kindergarten Readiness – Dr. Heather on KITV

Thanks again to Jill, Mahealani, Moani and Yasmin for having me on again this morning. I took viewer questions live on discipline, kindergarten readiness and more! Aloha, Dr. Heather The BabyShrink Mom of Four, Parenting Expert

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Parenting Tips: Considering Kindergarten?”>

I’m digging deeper into the decision of whether to start Kindergarten this fall — or not. Look out for 4 in-depth posts on the subject. Check out my video over here –> for a sneak-peek! Next, check out my first post in

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Dr. Heather’s First Live TV Appearance

Despite awakening at 4 am with bloodshot eyes from an allergy attack (perfect for HDTV, right?) — I was psyched to head down to KITV yesterday morning to talk story with the gang about parenting. So mahalo to Jill Kuramoto

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