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Fun Tips for Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth

Child Psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenberg (aka the babyshrink) shares her advice on how to get toddlers into a good habit of brushing their baby teeth!

Finding The Right Dentist For Your Child

What factors are you considering when choosing your child’s first dentist? Child psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenberg shows you how to match the perfect dentist with your child to make her first and future visits to the dentist happy ones.

Playtime Learning Activities For Toddlers

A lot of learning happens during playtime. Dr. Heather helps identify the moments when your toddler is developing most. Watch and learn an easy game you can play to boost your child’s learning.

Baby Steps Towards Literacy

Did you know the earliest steps of literacy reach all the way back to infancy? Dr. Heather Wittenberg (aka the Babyshrink) shares her fun and easy tips to building language with our babies—nothing fancy required.

How To Play With Baby

How To Play With Baby featuring expert Child Psychologist Dr. Heather!

Annoying Toddler Behaviors Demystified

Annoying Toddler Behaviors Demystified featuring expert Child Psychologist Dr. Heather!

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